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Admissions Requirements

Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Science Program

The UCLA School of Nursing will admit new undergraduate students once each year at the freshman level and a limited number of transfer students at the junior level. The School requires completion of a supplemental application to allow potential students the opportunity to provide additional information about their preparation for entry into the nursing profession.

Freshman Applicants

Freshman applicants must satisfy the general freshman admission requirements of the University of California and provide the information requested on the School of Nursing Supplemental Application for Freshman Admission.

Current UCLA Students (Freshmen Only)

Current UCLA students with a GPA of 3.0 or above and less than 60 units of coursework prior to entering the program may apply for a major change using the School of Nursing Supplemental Application for Change of UCLA Major linked below.  Applicants will be considered in with the freshman applicant pool. 

Current UCLA students with more than 60 units completed should consider completing their current degree program and look into other options such as the UCLA MSN/MECN or other nursing programs. Applicants should be in the process of completing 1 or more courses in Chemistry 14A, B, C or Chemistry 20A, B & 30A. Please Note: A change of major may add an additional year to your academic program at UCLA.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants must have completed all IGETC requirements or all general education requirements at the school where currently or previously enrolled and the equivalent of all of the non-nursing preparation for the major courses as follows: Chemistry 14A, B, C or Chemistry 20A, B & 30A; Communications 1 or 10*; Life Sciences 2 & 3; Math 3A or 31A; Microbiology*; Physiological Science 3 & 13; and Psychology 10*.   *May be completed at UCLA.

* For more information on this program, please attend one of our Information Sessions.

If you are an International applicant, please contact Rhonda Flenoy-Younger, Director of Recruitment, Outreach and Admissions, at, prior to applying for admissions.