Course Price: $3,000

4 Weeks

5 DAYS A WEEK (10AM - 5PM, MON-Fri) FROM 6/1/15  -  6/26/15

This course will start with the basics that can take (and has commonly taken) people with absolutely no programming experience and given them a solid foundation not only in iOS development, but know proper programming practices that apply to most programming languages so they not only know the lingo, but understand it as well.

Just a few of the many things you will learn in this course are:

  • Basic to advanced animations
  • Dealing with conditionals
  • Using and implementing custom communication patterns (Delegation, Notification Center)
  • Dealing with web services (REST)
  • Creating UI elements through storyboard and programmatically
  • Overriding/extending Apples classes and methods
  • How to properly architect and refactor your code base into clean, readable, and reusable code
  • Basic to advanced debugging
  • Using git
  • Reading and dealing with Apple documentation
  • Singletons
  • How to encode and save your data to the device
  • In depth knowledge of Objective-C (professional workplace standard)
  • Learn how to navigate and interact with Swift

Not only are you educated on all of these areas (among many more), but given resources to reinforce and continue learning a myriad of different paths on your own as well!  You won't be left scratching your head as to where to continue.

Courses are a mix of lecture, assignments, one on one guidance, and a welcoming to the community of iOS development!  Projects are structured in a way to not only reinforce lectured material, but to also show off and establish understanding of the material to others.

Special Note: There is about a weeks worth of pre-course work to ensure everyone can hit the ground running on day one, so don't delay in applying!

Want to know if there's something specific we will teach, don't be afraid to ask! You can email us or use our contact form at any time!

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